String theory: musician Jose Miguel Moreno on historical interpretation

Known as one of the most significant contemporary specialists in historical interpretation and plucked string instruments, such as the vihuela, lute and guitar, Spanish musician Jose Miguel Moreno was in Bucharest for a concert organized by the Cervantes Institute. He talked to BR about his work restoring historical instruments and popularizing this type of interpretation. What attracted you to historical interpretation? I like going to the original sources, rediscovering forgotten composers a

One-minute movies make their mark

In the era of YouTube home movies, an international festival is channeling filmmaking quality into a 60-second format designed to challenge filmmakers, writers, animators, artists, designers and creative producers to develop and submit the world’s best one-minute films John Ketchum (pictured above), co-executive director and head of the jury for the Filminute film festival, traces the beginnings of the project to a similar film festival in Brazil, when he was asked to bring some of the films sh

Business Review No. 45, December 6 -12 by Business Review

Top Deals of the Year The multi-million euro deals of the boom years may have gone but it's by no means all quiet on the Romanian front. Key players from energy, communications, retail and medical and financial services have all got commentators talking with major market moves over the past year. Business Review gives an overview of the transactions of note that have been signed, sealed and delivered in 2010. See page 10

Write angle: Daniel Mordzinski taking portraits of the authors

With a confessed passion for literature,  Argentinean-born photographer Daniel Mordzinski has been photographing writers for the past 30 years. His pictures come with a twist: he takes his subjects out of their usual writer’s pose and positions them in unusual settings or stances, which he says is key to capturing an original take of a profession that is often difficult to capture in a still image. Part of his work is currently on display at the Cervantes Institute in Bucharest, in an exhibitio

„Sintem un fel de colectionari de idei si initiative“. Dialog cu Dragos Olea si Simona Cretescu

Pentru inceput, voiam sa intreb ce este add-ul? Simona Cretescu: add este o organizatie non-profit care actioneaza drept catalizator pentru noi idei si strategii de colaborare intre comunitatea de afaceri si cea culturala, pentru a lansa programe care sprijina dezvoltarea abilitatilor creative ale tinerilor. Scopul principal este de a ajuta tinerii artisti/organizatiile culturale si de a oferi altor categorii de tineri posibilitatea de a participa la programe culturale si, de asemenea, de a ad

Eu – cyborg, tu?...

Populeaza imaginarul scrierilor cyberpunk si al culturii cyber (filme, jocuri, benzi desenate). Nu e sigur ca nu exista si printre noi citiva care ar putea fi calificati astfel. De la Star Trek la RoboCop si Terminator, cultura de consum contine numeroase exemplare ale acestui personaj, care ne aduce aminte ca vechile dihotomii ce structurau universul nostru nu mai sint intotdeauna valabile. O privire asupra (pre)istoriei cyborg-ului ne ofera un discurs alternativ, incifrat in termenii tehnol